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Turn your TOP talent or passion into an Internet-based
business that speaks to your heart & earns you money
– even while you sleep, heal, play, or travel!

life-quoteFTListen To Your Freedom is a unique business training program that will take you through the journey of discovering your top talent, defining your most important gifts that you are here to share with the world. Then it will show you how to turn that passion, or interest, or skill, into an automated, Internet-based business that earns you money – even while you sleep, play, heal yourself, or travel!

Along the journey you will gain awareness of the blocks and saboteurs that have kept you from your true self, and you will be given opportunities to clear them, if you wish. You will also be given all the tools, the detailed how-to instructions, for every step involved in setting up a successful online business.

When you earn money doing what you love, work and play often feel like the same thing. You begin to exit the mainstream reality of work (groan!) and play (yippee!) and it all becomes seamless; it all just becomes your LIFE.

Longing to follow your dream,
live your passion…

but can’t afford to
quit your day job?

Want to help, share,
teach, inspire, create…

but overwhelmed & exhausted
caring for little ones?

Need hope and a way to nurture
& care for yourself…


but can’t earn enough money
because of your illness?


Listen To Your Freedom is all about defining YOUR idea of freedom and planning a business that supports
your vision, contributes to the world, and services your lifestyle; your hobbies, your health, your kids, etc.


kesia7The Forte Program changed my life, thoroughly and undeniably. Not so long ago, building my own business seemed out of the question – I’m not a “business” person, all those details and legalities make my head spin, and how was I supposed to make money doing any of the weird things that make me happy?

Jini’s LTYF process gave me all the frameworks, details and considerations for building my own eco-farm business, for which I am forever grateful, but far more valuable was the change her program nurtured in me. The transformation from shift worker to business owner for someone like me has taken time and dedication, but I am entirely delighted with where the process has taken me – mind, body, soul, and business.”
– Kesia Nagata, Nagata Family Farm

I hope you are ready to begin making this transition, because that’s where the Listen To Your Freedom program will take you. And depending on what you want, Listen To Your Freedom could provide you with some extra spending money, or help you build a business and lifestyle you adore – as I have done.

STOP! Let’s just make sure you’re in the right place…
If you currently do NOT have a business or website, then you’re in the right place, just stay put here at LTYF Forte.But if you already have a physical business, or a successful blog, or you currently do business online,
then you need the LTYF Fortissimo Program ← pssst click that link!

Now that you know you’re in the right place, let’s take a journey inside the Listen To Your Freedom Forte Program!

DOWNLOAD the LTYF Forte Course Contents – download time about 2 mins (75 MB)
VIEW the Forte Course Online

Live FREE. Do what you LOVE every day. And make MONEY.

It’s really that simple. The process and tools I give you in Listen To Your Freedom are the exact same ones I’ve used to launch and run a successful health business (Listen To Your Gut) for over 20 years.


My Health Shoppe

Perhaps that sounds really exciting to you… or maybe it sounds really scary? Do you even dare to dream that you might possibly have a good life… a great life… a – dare we say – awesome life? What would it be like to have a stimulating, interesting life that is full of sweetness and connection…?

Come with me on a journey down this page and let’s talk about this some more…

Tailor It To Your Needs

First of all, the truly beautiful thing is that you can completely tailor this program to your personal needs and goals. You can invest a small amount of time and use it to just generate extra spending money, or pay for your kids sports, or your health supplements.

Or you can go for it with gusto and take it even further than I have. Either way is possible because Listen To Your Freedom will give you a solid foundation and the infrastructure to manifest YOUR idea of freedom.

So… what IS your idea of freedom? You may not even know. You may have never mapped this out – maybe you were too scared to, maybe you felt there was no point. Don’t worry, Modules 1 and 2 of Listen To Your Freedom will lead you through each step of defining your idea of freedom, and your perfect day, in detail.

Little Chunks Of Learning & Doing

I have set up the Listen To Your Freedom program as separate Modules. This takes a big task (setting up your own biz) and breaks it down into totally manageable, non-intimidating, little chunks of learning and action.

building_blocksIt also makes it easy to proceed at your own pace. Some of you have young children, or a chronic illness, or a full-time job, so you cannot devote unlimited time to your new venture. That is absolutely okay and I started and grew my health business under exactly the same conditions.

That is just one of the many things that makes this business-building program different from any other you’ve seen: There is no time limit. Your program access never expires – it is a lifetime program – so you can move as slowly, or as quickly as you wish.

And while we’re on the topic – this is another thing that makes Listen To Your Freedom really different: Enrollment never closes and all updates are free. Many internet or business training programs purposely limit enrollment to a brief window every year – so that you feel an urgency to purchase, or lose out! I prefer to trust your knowledge and judgment of yourself and your needs. When you’re ready, we’re here.

eureka I believe true motivation comes from within and when you’re really ready, you will move forward at the time and pace that’s right for you. I prefer to give you lots of support and help, along with built-in positive reinforcement.

Splitting the program up into modules means you get to feel the thrill of accomplishment at regular points along the journey. Having separate modules, which are linked and also build upon each other, makes it easy for you to stay organized and FOCUSED as well.

It also enables you to jump around to the modules you need right now (maybe you’ve been struck with an awesome idea for a book, or a tutorial!), I want you to be able to move into action while your inspiration is hot. This email from a Freedomite shows why structuring the program this way is so helpful:

jeromy.jpgI LOVE having the whole smorgasbord in front of me with the modules. Of course, it’s best to do the modules in order, to make sure you don’t miss anything! But I like that they are all there to go back to and read whatever is most interesting/important for me at the time. And now for my update: My website had been cruising along at about 100 visits per day. Yesterday it jumped up to 850 visitors and today I have had 1,700 visitors! Lots of new signups for my contact list and my affiliate commissions are growing accordingly. LTYF has helped me in so many ways. Thank you!!”
Jeromy Johnson,

Go At Your Own Pace lincoln-smallFT

Some people have completed the Listen To Your Freedom program, launched their site, and started making money in less than three months. Others have taken 18 months, or longer. So know that you don’t need to stress yourself out and you can just work your way through the program at the pace that’s right for you.

You will also have our team providing LIVE, 1-on-1, unlimited help to you throughout this program – via live chat, email, phone and a private forum. Venturing into unknown territory can be scary and challenging and being able to get help quickly is crucial to your success.

The learning and the opportunities are not going anywhere and this program is purposely designed to let you learn and implement at your own pace. The Listen To Your Freedom program is ideal for people with jobs, or kids, or health issues, or other circumstances that prevent you from working 14 hours/day like a typical start-up entrepreneur.

Whether you already have a business idea, or just a hope for a better life, Listen To Your Freedom walks you step-by-step through the process of turning that desire into reality.

Other business training programs tell you WHAT you should do to be successful
Listen To Your Freedom also tells you HOW to do it


Slide-no-1Transitioning from a retail storefront to an online business has been a challenge! But it’s like Jini is standing right over my shoulder telling me what to do every step of the way. I just keep moving forward – sometimes I’m on the LTYF chat every day! Sometimes 4 times a day! I tell you Justin and Cris are my new best friends. But this is turning out to be a great move for us.”
Kipper Thompson,

What Does Freedom Mean To YOU?

My daughter Zara’s idea of freedom!

Listen To Your Freedom (LTYF) goes even beyond traditional entrepreneurship – because in my reality, if you’re working 14 hours a day, every day… what freedom do you have? Listen To Your Freedom is all about defining YOUR idea of freedom and planning a business that supports that and services your lifestyle (your hobbies, your health, your kids, etc.).

I also feel strongly that people who believe in humane agriculture, environmental sustainability, emotional & spiritual healing, and natural health and living need to make more money – so that we can vote with our wallet and change this planet!

For example, if everybody had enough money to stop buying GMO (genetically modified) foods, these toxic monoculture crops would disappear from our planet in just a few months.

I want to teach, EMPOWER and ENABLE people who live in connection to their soul and the earth – because the more money people like us make, the better we can make our planet.

Why Online and Automated Rocks!

Having an Internet-based, automated business (or automated component to your business) is a big part of the Listen To Your Freedom program for these reasons:

  • A fully automatic, online business means you can sell things while you sleep, or go on vacation, or while you heal yourself, or play with your kids, or ride your horse. In 2013, I earned $35,000 by sitting on a remote beach in Mexico for a couple of weeks. I did not even check my email.
  • of trading time for money? Whatever you are currently doing can also be done online. Listen To Your Freedom will show you how to package up all kinds of content and turn it into digital, automated products or services. Maybe you’ve only done sessions, consultations, or teaching in a one-on-one situation, well Listen To Your Freedom will show you how to turn that same live experience into an automated, online product that does not require your personal one-on-one time.
  • People are looking for suppliers, tradespeople, products and services online first. Even if someone just needs to get their floors refinished, they will likely search for that floor refinishing service online. Let your website, before & after photos, free quote service and information package do your selling for you – all automated and instantly accessible!
  • There are currently 3 billion people online. That is expected to increase to 6 billion in the next three years… is that enough customers for you? How can you not access this market? Really.

Who Should NOT Join This Program

If you already have a business that is earning you more than $250,000/year, from you working less than 5 hours/day, then you do not need this Listen To Your Freedom program. You would be more suited to some of our advanced training, or personal consulting instead.

Think Outside The BoxSometimes, people who already have an active website or blog ask if they can purchase only certain Modules of LTYF – as they think they don’t need all of the information. However, if your blog or site is not earning you at least $100K per year, then it is likely because your positioning is off, or perhaps you’re not quite targeting the right customer, or your business is not based on your authentic purpose or passion. See the feedback below from Dr. Katharina – who had already been in business for 5 years before she became a Freedomite!

But if you are not willing to go back to your set-up and look at the basics: why are you here, what is the purpose behind what you do, who exactly is your customer, what is your top talent or skill, what do you give away, because you care, etc. And you just want to know how to make some money from your blog, then this is not the right program for you. Because LTYF is not just about making money from your blog – it’s about building a vibrant brand and a long-term business.

Lastly, if you are absolutely unwilling to look at your thought patterns and beliefs, if you think success has nothing to do with your mind or emotions, then this is not the program for you. Let me tell you why…

Saboteurs And Blocks To Success

saboteursIn Listen To Your Freedom I ask you to become aware of your fears and saboteurs, and yes, this is moving away from traditional business advice and into the realm of the emotional and spiritual.

And guess what? We absolutely have to go there for you to manifest long-term success.

Successful people, from great athletes, to great leaders, to great businesspeople, all acknowledge that your mind is a crucial part of achieving success. Likewise, your mind can also be a storehouse of blocks and saboteurs that prevent you from effectively visioning or achieving your goals.

So there may be times throughout Listen To Your Freedom where I direct you to do things that may seem a little out-there or woo-woo to you, but if you stick with me and give it a shot, I promise you’ll see doors open.

Scared Yet?

So check in with yourself right now – place your hand on your heart, or your gut, and how are you feeling? Imagine that finally, after all these years, you are really, actually going to be able to manifest the life of your dreams…

You know this is the real deal. Because there’s no hype. Because I have walked my talk for over 20 years and everything in this program has already been trial-tested by 10 people (artists, doctors, engineers, healers, musicians, chefs, horse trainers, etc.), who are just like you – to make SURE it works. Because I offer a full guarantee… and my return rate is less than 1%.

Okay, now that we’ve dealt with your “Yes, but’s…” can we go back to imagining? SO, close your eyes and imagine yourself actually, really, having the life you’ve dreamed of…

Making good money doing something you love every single day. Being able to set your own work hours. Being able to go on holiday whenever you choose. Being able to hire home help, pay for your supplements, support causes you believe in, go out for dinner, drive a nice car, live in a beautiful home, provide free resources that make a difference in other people’s lives… go on, close your eyes and IMAGINE it, right now.

Now check in with your heart and/or gut. I guarantee you will be feeling one of two things: Fear or Excitement.

But here’s the really cool thing: Biochemically, there is only one molecule of difference between fear and excitement! That is super cool because it means fear can be shifted pretty easily to excitement; if you know how and you have the tools.

Most things worth doing scare the pants off us. And all the saboteurs that have held us back in the past start rabbiting away: You could never do that! Oh sure, yet another thing that you’ll start and never finish. Who am I to…? and so on.

You can take a breath, right now, and allow yourself to feel safe because I know what you’re dealing with. I know this program will trigger your fears, and I’ve got your back. The program is structured throughout with unlimited 1-on-1 support, and lots of techniques and tools that are going to help you shift any fears to excitement (only one molecule!) whenever fear or resistance arises.

Here’s an email from a Freedomite that illustrates perfectly the kind of emotional journey this program may take you on:

lori-couch.jpg“YAHOO thank you from the bottom of my heart. There are no words to say. After 12 solid hours sitting at the computer (after 2 months of recording and writing) I jumped up from my desk screaming “I’m done!” Over and over. Burst through my office door screaming, the kids all started cheering and I ran straight out the door. Running through my yard shouting like a crazy woman, “I’m done, Thank you god I’m done!”

I went completely around my yard and straight to my beautiful trees and hugged them offering my gratitude. As I walked up the drive, my eldest daughter met me and hugged me, everyone was standing at the kitchen door cheering, what a moment. I will never forget the process when my magnificence burst forth. Thank you for all the support and teaching. Without LTYF, this would have taken 10 more years!
Lori Clarke

What Does The Program Cost?

thumbs-upDTAs you’ll read below, I initially created the Listen To Your Freedom program for the 40,000 readers of my health books; people who kept asking me, “How do I get your life?

So I also set the price of this program to be accessible for people with tight finances (often due to long-term illness).

In deciding how to structure the fees for Listen To Your Freedom, I looked directly at the financial situation of my 10 testers to see what they could actually afford – not just what this program is worth.

Comparable business training programs (and some of them provide far less instruction than Listen To Your Freedom) charge around $2,000. But how many people with chronic illness, or young children, or student loans can afford that kind of cash?

It was through dialoguing with these 10 testers (the first generation of Freedomites!) that I decided to offer LTYF at such an affordable price.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here, I want to tell you WHY I developed Listen To Your Freedom in the first place…

How Do I Get Your Life?

FamilyJumpOver the years, I have received countless emails from readers of my health books saying, “You seem to have it all – great kids, a successful business, you’re making a difference, you love what you’re doing,” they asked, “How do I get your life?”

I’ve also been running a business blog for a few years now, and have been asked questions like this:

I’m trying to pick ONE educator, who can deliver an A-Z map for a successful online business, vs. continuous upsell. Help!”

Then there are all the emails I’ve received from readers over the years that broke my heart. People who were ready to heal, they wanted to commit to holistic healing and get off the drug/surgery wheel… but they were too sick to work and they didn’t have enough money to buy the supplements, like this one here.

Too Tired To Work!

For all these reasons, I created Listen To Your Freedom, a start-your-own-business program – specifically geared to setting up an automated, home-based business that generates you money via the Internet, doing something you love so much, you’d do it for free.

exhausted-parentBecause when you’re chronically ill, or you have small children, or you’re already working a full-time job that’s sucking your lifeforce energy, you do not have much time in which to set up a business and generate additional income.

And most business training courses (or ‘live your dreams’ programs) rely on the Rah-Rah factor: Yeah, go for it, you can do it, just go for it! Work 16 hours a day, crush it!

Well, tell that to someone collapsed from exhaustion, who can’t get off the couch for more than a few hours at a time. Oh yeah, I know, because I too lived that reality for many years.

Tell that to someone who already has a full-time  or part-time job and cannot quit, but yet their heart is yearning to set up a business that expresses their soul’s desire.

Tell that to a mother or father with young kids, who’s lucky to carve out a few extra hours in a whole week.

AND I also know that you CAN start an online business (automated, flexible) in that state because I ran 2 successful, online businesses during the time I was recovering my health and had wee ones. I have three children and breastfed them for five years – oh yes, I have walked my talk!

balanceFTBalance is the key to life. And good parenting. And a successful business. And great relationships, community, connection and giving back. And lots of FREEDOM.

And remember: That when you are doing what you love, it doesn’t feel like work anyway! It doesn’t suck your energy; it gives you energy.

I began working on Listen To Your Freedom, based on exactly these concepts, back in 2010. I started by individually coaching other people (who had virtually no start-up cash and were time-restricted due to illness, children, other job, etc.) one-on-one so I could see firsthand their challenges, where they stalled, where they needed more info, etc. My first coaching client quadrupled her revenues in one year.

Tried And Tested

I’ve since coached five different people over the last few years and built the program around what I needed to teach them and – this is really important – how they needed to learn it.

coaching.jpgThen I had 10 different testers go through the exact same Listen To Your Freedom program I offer here to ensure they could get the same value and results from the program without my in-person coaching. Because I put ALL my coaching into the program – written text, videos, interviews, teleseminars, CDs, and workbook pages.

However, we also realized early on in the testing process, that people still needed one-on-one support; to be able to immediately contact us when they got stuck.

Or sometimes they had just one little question that was keeping them from moving forward. That’s why we include live chat, our phone number, our email address and an LTYF Private Forum as part of your membership.

You can get your question answered, or get some brainstorming help, or technical help, whenever you need it and in whichever way you prefer to communicate. We also hold monthly calls on different topics, along with general Q&A for whatever you’re dealing with.

Those of you who’ve been with me for a while, know that I never release anything until it’s been tried-and-tested by many others. This is why my return rate is less than 1 percent – I don’t release anything until I know for sure it’s going to work.

What Exactly Will I be Doing as I Build My Automated, Online Business?

Download the detailed program course content here and learn the exact same tools I used to build a successful health business – and if you want some social proof, check out this article written about my health biz in Practical Ecommerce.

Here are the details on the price of the program, more about the contents + the ironclad guarantee:

Order summary

Listen To Your Freedom Forte Program
Annual Membership:
Year-round, 24/7 access to all LTYF written, audio & video instruction. Plus unlimited Live Support via chat, email, forum
and phone.



suzen-maureen.jpgI loved the idea of having my own business, but actually doing it was completely different. LTYF opened the possibility that I could have this opportunity, but it was daunting because all of a sudden the ideas that were brewing around in my mind needed to be broken down and dissected. It is not easy, it is a journey of self discovery, intentions, goal setting and for me, learning about technology! I love the accessibility of the LTYF process, the individual modules have allowed me to really investigate what my true gifts are and to be clear about where I want to focus my creative energy. The creative process of LTYF is inspiring and the technical process of creating the website is broken down into steps with guidance and information that is beyond any other business creating program.”
SuZen Maureen,


Here’s What You’ll Receive

  • 20 Jam-Packed Modules of instruction and action steps showing you step-by-step how to turn your talent, passion, or interest into an Internet-based business that makes you money 24/7: while you sleep, when you’re on vacation, when you’re taking care of your kids, etc. For example, Module 1 helps you identify your top talents and figure out how to turn that talent, skill or interest into a business. Module 4 shows you how to figure out who is your customer, and who is not. Module 11 walks you through how to choose and set up your shopping cart and how to email your customers to deliver paid content, or free stuff. Module 14 teaches you how to produce a CD in one day, how to publish an eBook, or create a video training series. VIEW the entire, detailed LTYF Course Outline online here. NOTE: You get access to all 20 modules at once, so you can jump around as needed, and work at your own pace.
  • Videos with Jini within the Modules, showing you real life examples and tutorials to make your learning easy.
  • Audios within the Modules you can listen to in your car, or on-the-go, to keep your learning curve fun and interesting.
  • Action Checklists at the end of each Module, so you can track your progress and make sure you’ve implemented everything needed, before moving on to the next step. Keep yourself on track and motivated!
  • Weekly Q & A group call-in sessions for live teaching, or in case you get stuck. These seminar sessions also focus on specific topics, with Q&A at the end, hosted by one of our LTYF Coaches.
  • Private LTYF Forum where you can share ideas and triumphs, post your questions, and receive support for your challenges with Jini, Ian, Justin, and the rest of our awesome community. Learn by reading about other people’s challenges and see how we answer them. Of course, we’ll always answer your questions as well!
  • Work Online or Offline since the LTYF Forte Workbook is a printed book that is couriered out to you (along with a few other surprises), so you can work at the beach or in a cafe.
  • Real-time, live Chat for any questions that pop up, or in case you get stuck – 12 hours a day, we’re here for you.
  • Toll-free Phone Number for those of you who prefer to pick up the phone and discuss your question or technical issue. And an International support line too. You can also schedule a time and book your call with us in advance (15 minute calls).
  • Private email support 24/7 for any questions, tech difficulties, or support you might need.

Did you notice how much LIVE, one-on-one help we offer in this program? That’s because our Testers showed us how crucial it was to have someone available to answer both large and small questions as and when they occur.

We give you EVERYTHING you need to plan, launch and run a successful business that embodies your heart’s desire, or your soul’s purpose, including things like:

  • geniusFTYou’ll discover your passion, purpose and talents, so you’ll know exactly which business will keep you engaged and passionate for the long-term (see Module 1)
  • You’ll pick your best idea – and the one that fits your lifestyle best, so that the business you create will not drain your energy or take over your life, but will integrate seamlessly with your chosen lifestyle (see Modules 2 & 5).
  • You’ll discover: Who is your ideal customer? So you are attracting the right people and providing them with exactly what they need or want (see Modules 3 & 4)
  • feedbackFTYou’ll get step-by-step assistance to set up your domain (website address), hosting and emails, so that you’ll have a professional, organized system right from the start (see Module 8)
  • You’ll use my 23 gorgeous color palettes to choose a look & feel for your site that appeals to and attracts your ideal customer! (see Module 7 & 12)
  • You’ll design your website to immediately hook your visitors in 3-6 seconds, so they don’t click away, but stay on your site, have a look around and sign-up for your fabulous free offer (see Module 9)
  • 17_33You’ll learn free and easy ways to promote your site and get people to come to your site, and learn what is the best social media for you to use (see Module 17)
  • I’ll show you 10 different ways to blog (even if you hate writing!)
  • You’ll discover how to shoot awesome videos showcasing your stuff without having to show your face (unless you want to)
  • You will create do-it-yourself Pinterest and Facebook quotes that may go viral (see Module 17)
  • You’ll learn the easiest way to create an eBook – remember, I’ve published 17 books so far, so I know what I’m talking about! (see Module 14)
  • will learn how to sell and then deliver your stuff to your customers (see Module 15)
  • You’ll discover how to multi-purpose your content: create ONE item, then sell it as 3 different products! (see Module 14)
  • You will learn how to build relationship; turning your site visitors into friends and life-long customers (see Module 16)
  • You’ll discover how to set the best price for your stuff and how to present your offers to your tribe (see Module 15)
  • You will learn how to create an audio series, a online tutorial, or a printed book (see Module 14)
  • You’ll figure out what matters most to you and how to choose the perfect business for your unique interests, talents and skills (see Module 1, 2 & 5)
  • audio-setFTYou’ll discover 3 of the best ways to get other people to happily sell your stuff for you (see Module 11)
  • You’ll learn how to choose the best shopping cart, email marketing platform and other infrastructure tools and then we’ll help you set it all up (see Module 11)
  • You’ll discover super low-cost ways to create great products and programs (see Module 14)
  • You’ll acquire the skills to manage yourself so you create in 4 hours what takes other people 8 hours! (see Module 6)
  • You will begin to work smarter and speed up your success: How to begin outsourcing tasks you hate for the price of a movie, or (yes, sorry to use this timeworn analogy but…) a cup of coffee per day (see Module 18)
  • securityYou’ll discover how to use crowdfunding to raise cash to produce your product, book, film or service (see Module 19)
  • You’ll learn how to sell other people’s products or services (on automated commission) on your site, along with, or instead of, your own products! (see Module 9)
  • and so much more!

pursesFTHow do you know for sure the LTYF Forte Program works? Here’s what a Freedomite graduate has to say about the value of this program even if you already have a business:

Jini is a genius! Her Listen To Your Freedom course is fantastic! If you want to do it right, simply follow Jini’s step-by-step guide on how to set up your heart centered business. Listen To Your Freedom takes the guess work out. What I love the most about this course is that it is based on integrity and sharing your most valuable gifts with your audience freely. The only regret I have is that I did not have this course years ago, when I first started out. Highly recommended!”– Dr. Katharina Johnson,

Dr. Katharina’s site BEFORE LTYF
Dr. Katharina’s site AFTER LTYF


Let’s take a journey inside the Listen To Your Freedom Forte Program:

DOWNLOAD the LTYF Forte Course Contents – download time about 2 mins (75 MB)
VIEW the Forte Course ONLINE



moneybackYou have a full 30-days to test-drive Listen To Your Freedom. All the modules are available to you the minute you join, so you have a full month to make sure the program is right for your needs. You can request a full refund during that 30-days for any reason – no questions asked!

Download the detailed course outline here – find out exactly what you’ll learn in each Module throughout the Listen To Your Freedom Forte program.

LTYF Forte Printed Workbook

LTYF Forte Printed Workbook

I offer this same 100% guarantee for my health books and my return rate is less than 1%. I can be this confident because I know my stuff works – everything is trial-tested first.

Is LTYF Worth the Price?

Think about how much it would cost you to hire a business manager just to help you select and set up your email marketing program and shopping cart – which we walk you through step-by-step, with LIVE help? (Module 11).

How much would you pay an ad or design agency to strategize your brand or positioning? (Modules 3, 4 and 15)

Do you know that there are courses that charge you $1200 – $2000 JUST to teach you how to blog effectively and drive traffic to your site? (Modules 10, 11 & 17)

If your goal is to earn decent (or even fantastic) money by doing something you love, then $149 is a very reasonable price to pay – some might even call it a bargain! I encourage you to do your research on business programs that are similar to Listen To Your Freedom and this will further help you to understand the incredible value you’ll receive from this program.

WHY am I offering such a robust program, with unlimited live help, at such a low price?

Because I am not some Internet Marketer trying to hustle as much cash as I can – I created this program for my own readers (many of whom are really struggling financially) and I am much more interested in empowering people to step into their authenticity, live from their gut, and move forward in freedom!

speaker-magazineJanet Switzer is a well-known pro in the business world – she’s the force behind Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul empire) and people like Jay Abraham and Yanik Silver. Janet has an impeccable reputation and if you want to consult with her, it’s $1,000/hour, because she’s just that good! Here is what Janet has to say about the LTYF program:

It’s rare that I encounter an Internet business-building program that is as thorough and as easy-to-follow as Jini Patel Thompson’s course, Listen to Your Freedom. What I like best is that it takes people who are unfamiliar with technology, new to online marketing — and even unsure about what their potential online business might be — and confidently guides them through deciding, building, launching, and marketing… with Jini’s team even providing personal guidance throughout the process. Jini takes the guesswork out of starting a robust online business that sells useful products and services to a hungry marketplace. Highly recommended!” — Janet Switzer, #1 bestselling author of Instant Income: Strategies That Bring In the Cash for Small Businesses, Innovative Employees and Occasional Entrepreneurs

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Is Listen To Your Freedom Right For Me?

Here are some of the questions you might have about whether LTYF is right for you, or not…
Also, don’t be shy to ask us your question directly!

Can I get my money back if I’m not happy?

WeckerYes! We offer a no-questions-asked, 100% money back guarantee for 30 days. So you get a full month to check out all the instruction; audios, videos, the Workbook, etc.

Will my access to the LTYF course expire?

Your membership is valid for one full year from the date of purchase – that includes any updated lessons, videos, or audios. You can renew each year for as long as you like. You can also suspend your account for a month or two if you’re hit with a tragedy, or going traveling, or birthing a wee one.

Can I download the course lessons to my computer or mobile device?

smartphone in hand and a newspaper with the tablet on the tableYou can download all of the lesson audios (mp3). Load them onto your mobile device and go! The videos you will need to watch online. If you are EHS or need to minimize screen time, please contact us and we can send you the modules as PDFs

Do I get access to everything at once?

Yes! You will immediately get access to the entire course content as soon as you join. All of the course materials will be available the day you purchase (both online and for downloading). The only thing you’ll have to wait for is the LTYF Workbook – which is a printed book that we ship out to you.

How much money can I expect to earn using the Listen To Your Freedom method? And how quickly will I be earning that money? It would really help to have some guidelines.

Hmmmm, this question feels familiar… it’s the same question I get asked about my healing programs: How long will it take me to heal, when will I be off all drugs, when will I be able to go back to school/work?

And guess what? The answer is the same!

It depends on:
(a) what you’re currenRadiationEducationtly bringing to the table
(b) your passion, desire and commitment to implementing the program steps and
(c) how much time you have to devote to your business.

If Sam has only 1 hour a day to work on his biz, but Susie has 6 hours a day – are they going to see the same results in the same timeframe? If Jennifer starts Listen To Your Freedom and she already has a 10 year background in marketing and sales, is she going to have the same learning curve as Jake who has been a ski instructor/blogger for 10 years?

I think the important guideline to keep in mind is that my 8 and 10-year-old kids used this same program to set up their business in 2 weeks ( that earns them ongoing revenue of $200/month. Let me say that again: 2 weeks of work (and NOTHING ongoing or after that), by a couple of kids and they net $2300 per year from that. Although I have to say, they had a very good January 2015 and netted $554 just for that month! The key is that they affiliate-linked to one of my blogs that has really good search engine rankings – so they get to piggy-back on my ongoing work and success! And yes, in LTYF I show you how to team up with people in your niche who are already doing well. So if that’s your ‘worst case’ scenario, what have you got to lose?

no-timeI desperately want to do this program, but I honestly don’t see how I’ll find the time to actually go through it, or implement anything. I have a newborn and I’m already run ragged. How much time, realistically, will be required?

Listen To Your Freedom is designed so that you can do it completely and utterly on your own schedule and work as much or as little as you want. There’s no time limit or hard-sell to this program. If it takes you 6 months just to re-design or tweak your existing site, no worries. These are the same principles I used to start and build my health business whilst breastfeeding (night and day!) my own 3 children. And many of the people using Listen To Your Freedom (and all of my testers for the program) have limiting factors like small children, a chronic illness, or a part-time job, etc.

This is a very special and unique program in that it is specifically designed to be implemented entirely at YOUR own pace, there are no tests, or deadlines, or any other tactic to put pressure on you.

I will leave you with these words from Leonie Dawson, who also built a very successful business whilst breastfeeding and co-sleeping with her little one:

“That lil iPod Touch became my Business Workstation for all those months. I wrote 1100 word blog posts with one finger as I breastfed my daughter to sleep, and as she slept for hours on me. I’d respond to Twitter during 3am breastfeeds (My daughter would take an hour every time to breastfeed. I KNOW RIGHT. Anyways, it happened. And we survived. And I totally deserve a gold star! Ha!) I responded to emails, I dreamed up new ideas for the business, I implemented marketing strategies. All from my one touch typing on my iPod. In a world that had become suddenly so ensconced with mamahood, to keep writing and doing this beautiful business of mine was my outlet and my joy and my sense of normal.”

And this is the thing you need to keep in mind: When you’re doing what you LOVE, your business becomes your pleasure – it is your reward and feels like time-off!

Personally, if I had NOT had my business when my kids were infants/toddlers I would have gone crazy. For me, it was such a relief to see that I was making progress somewhere and actually accomplishing something, not to mention having a creative outlet – when most of my life felt like that movie, Groundhog Day! I breastfed for 5 years total and did the co-sleeping, attachment parenting thing – my kids consumed me; but my business was my stress outlet, the place I got to feel like ME again. Having both babies and business was a very necessary balance for me – still is!

How long should I expect to spend on each module?

maze-whydtSome modules take longer than others. Average length is one to one and a half hours. Some – like choosing a theme if you’re adding a new blog to your site, or re-designing the look and feel of your site – take much longer because you need to live with the ideas for a while, let them swim around your being and gradually feel your way to the colors, design etc. that fit you perfectly and ‘click’ with your new or expanded vision.

But don’t worry, no matter how long the modules take, the one thing ALL my testers reported was that it doesn’t feel like traditional “work”. This is NOT a dry, academic, plodding course. It is fun, stimulating and really exciting because we’re dealing with your core passion and dreams. Implementation may require some self-discipline at times, but it still doesn’t feel like work.

I’m not sure which LTYF program I should purchase: Forte or Fortissimo?

dreamstime_s_51205375I already have a business (a nursing home) and it has a website, but someone else did it for me, and online business is a whole new animal. The Technology is the hardest part for me to harness, I’m pretty old-school at 45. I do the basics but I’m a bit lost when it comes to putting together the particulars of websites, automatic mail response, email contact member lists, affiliate marketing, Facebook, Twitter and blogging. Lots to learn or at least find someone to outsource to. It’s hard to know what websites to make or what platforms to use or even how to use the different technology or set it up!!!! Or who to contact to set it up for me. Oh my what a lot of loose ends!!!”

Answer: Forte is really focused on getting you started with the basics you identified:

“putting together the particulars of websites, automatic mail response, email contact member lists, affiliate marketing, Facebook, Twitter and blogging. Who and how to outsource.” will then ADD to what you’ve learned with Forte and take you to the next level of effectiveness – all those things plus more options, and more complexity.

Fortissimo also has all the modules on physical product manufacturing, warehousing, fulfillment etc. Whereas Forte focuses on digital (online) products to get you started.

So basically, for the long-term you will need Fortissimo. But Forte will certainly get you up and running and able to sell product from your new site, targeting the right customer, ongoing marketing to your list, and marketing to new people.

If you are storing and shipping product out of your house or nursing home right now, then you should be fine with Forte for a while. But if you want to sub-contract all that out and have everything automated (like I do) then you’ll need Fortissimo.

Fortissimo has the same level of tech help and explanation as Forte – it just gives you MORE detail and enables you to do more complex things with your tech infrastructure. Fortissimo takes the skills you learned in Forte on to the next level.

cdsFTFor example, in Forte you’ll learn how to create a CD in one day. You’ll learn that in Fortissimo too, but you’ll also learn how to package multiple CD’s together into a course, or tutorial – and how to price and position that audio course to be able to charge a much higher price than you’d get for single CD’s. It’s the same technology, just taken to a bigger, higher level.

So if you think you’d get overwhelmed and quit if you have too much choice, then stick with Forte for now and just get your site and basic biz up and running. Then upgrade later to Fortissimo when you’re ready for the physical product modules and/or the advanced marketing sequences and product launches, advanced packaging and product positioning, search engine optimization (web traffic), etc.

And yes, both programs will give you detailed, specific instructions (and don’t forget the LIVE HELP!) for every piece of your website, marketing, outsourcing, emails, web traffic, social media, product creation, and so on.

And of course, if you’re still wondering, or have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to chat with us, via phone (1.877.589.3573), live chat, email or Skype! Just reach out.

Should I get a Coaching Diploma first, before I do Listen To Your Freedom?

puzzle-lgDT-horizontalI’ve always had this “urge” in my heart that I should share my story with the world but never really had courage to do so and to let my VOICE out! I would find the excuses: why share something so personal which is really fear, no one would be interested anyway, I don’t know how to write a book, or write a blog…

However not sharing what I went through was always there in my spirit, the book not written is always there….. Then I came across your website the other day about LTYF and was really SURPRISED!!! The program that would teach me ALL!!! My question is for the story like mine do you think it would be wise if I have some education in Life-coaching as my platform, or could I go into creating something from my Life-experience? I live in Australia and sometimes I feel I would have to have formal training to stand strong, people here often disregard those who don’t have a ‘DIPLOMA’ although I have a ‘DIPLOMA’ in my own LIFE experience, is that enough? Could you please give me some advice where to go from here and would your program be more than enough and I don’t have to have any coaching degree? Thank you so very much. God bless you.”

Answer: Thanks so much for sharing part of your story with me. It’s kind of funny that you are asking me whether you need an industry-related diploma, because I’m going to turn the question right back on you: When you found me (my health site), how much did it matter to you that I did not have ANY health-related diploma or qualification? Take a moment and let that sink in.

jini-video-storyMy health articles have been published in magazines and journals in Australia, the US and UK. I’ve appeared on nationally syndicated radio and TV shows – did my lack of a health-related diploma matter?

My other answer to that question (aside from saying that you should get a life coaching certificate if that FEELS really good/fun to you) is to say: When you write and publish a book, the book stands as your qualification and provides the connection to your audience that makes them say: Wow, I want to get in closer contact with her. So if your book is not JUST slanted to tell your story (which is super important) but ALSO to provide help and shift to those who read it… then you will have established your credibility, reputation and value.

Did Richard Branson have a diploma? Nope, not even a high school diploma. My entire health business is built on the back of my personal story and all my credibility and validity comes from that. Not from any health industry diploma.

So YES, Listen To Your Freedom will teach you how to do all this and much more. Also, Module 1 and the free 7-email series (Jini’s 7 Freedom Steps) will get you started and give you some handy tools for your biz idea, but also practical help to start clearing those blocks to telling your story. So I would start there and then you will know what is right for you at this time.

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Join Listen To Your Freedom now and receive instant access to ALL 20 modules instantly.
Your beautiful LTYF Workbook (and a few other surprises) will be couriered out to you.


A full year, 24/7 access to all
LTYF written, audio & video
instruction. Plus live support via
Chat, email, forum & phone.


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